Takla Mebar Retreat (Winter Retreat)

Takla Mebar Retreat ( for one month)

December 1- 31st 2017

Chaphur Rinpoche will be in personal retreat for the month of December. There he will practice his personal Yidam Takla Mebar, as he has done every December for many years. This year however, Rinpoche would like to extend this retreat to all members of the Sangha.

Every Saturday Rinpoche will give teachings via zoom on the generation and completion stages of Takla Mebar practice, and their relation to tantric practice in the larger Bön Buddhist context. Students will be encouraged to practice their own retreat on the deity, accumulating mantras, and engaging in other Takla Mebar practices. At the conclusion of Rinpoche’s personal retreat, he will lead a five day teaching and practice retreat at Gyalshen Institute. There he will also give the tantric empowerment for Takla Mebar.

Please note: you may still participate in the online sessions and practice from home, if you are unable to attend the concluding 5-day retreat

Here is a short description of Takla Mebar:

In order to overcome negative forces and the personal, negative emotions and obstacles they create, Tonpa Shenrab Miwo manifested as Takla Mebar (Flaming Tiger Deity) and subjugated those evil forces through his compassionate wisdom mind, transforming them into compassionate and peaceful beings.

Takla Mebar Healing heals the outer poisons and negativities, by transforming them into wisdom and positive aspects, as well as the inner negativities. These are transformed into the clarity of the five wisdoms (wisdom of emptiness, mirror-like wisdom, wisdom of equality, discriminating wisdom, all-accomplishing wisdom).

The Chaphur family have been lineage holders of this yidam since the very beginning of their recorded family history.

Please join us for this unique opportunity.


Zoom sessions –  will be on Saturday, December 16th and Saturday, December 23rd from 9-10 am.  You will also be able to attend the 5 day retreat by Zoom on December 27th-31st.  

Gyalshen has begun to save money to help fund a retreat center. The Zoom sessions are free but if you would like to make a voluntary donation, it would be appreciated.

5 Day retreat – December 27-31 DONATION: $325 for lunch, snacks, and expenses. Please pay using the form below.



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