Five Element Khadros

January 27-28

(10:00 am to 4:30pm both days)

Chaphur Rinpoche will teach the Five Elements practice by explaining the purpose and qualities of each element and then guiding participants in performing the Five Elements practices. The Five Elements are an integral part of Tibetan cosmology and essential to understanding the relatedness and interdependence of all things in the universe. The Five Elements (space/ether, earth, water, fire, and air) are the essential elements or building blocks for all phenomena, not only in the physical universe but also in our physical and energetic bodies. Each element represents not only an energetic quality, but also takes physical form—and like all forms, each element exists separately but also exists interdependently. Each element needs, supports, and affects the other elements together providing a cohesive whole within an individual being. When the Five Elements are out of balance, illness, negative emotions and disharmony manifest.

The Five Elements practices from the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism are spiritual practices that help to remove physical, mental, and energetic blocks. The practices invoke, balance, and harmonize each of the five elements through the use of sacred seed syllables, mudras (hand movements), mantras (sacred chants), physical postures, breath work and visualizations. These rich and ancient practices can help to remove physical, mental and energetic blocks and restore balance and integrity in one’s life. The practitioner is guided to connect to his/her own inner wisdom in order to achieve one’s full potential and be able to maintain a relaxed and awakened state of mind. When practiced regularly, these practices help one to attain a healthier lifestyle and to improve one’s physical, mental and emotional health. Invoking space clears a cluttered mind and creates spaciousness and recognition of the pure space of being; invoking air transforms pride to peacefulness and helps to support increased flexibility and improved communication; invoking fire transforms greed and desire to generosity and supports increased creativity; invoking water transforms jealousy to openness and supports a peaceful presence; invoking earth transforms ignorance to wisdom and supports a grounding, abiding presence.

This Five Elements teaching and practice will also include Keksel (yoga) instructions to help strengthen the physical body and energetic body. Keksel is translated literally as “Magical Body Movements” and is a form of yoga originating in Central Asia. As an essential support practice for meditation and health, Keksel has been passed in an unbroken oral transmission through the centuries-old Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu lineages.

The Keksel practices engage the body, mind and spirit of the practitioner in a series of breath, sound, and movement exercises, each relating to one of the five elements. Through practicing Keksel, one will be able to identify and alleviate physical discomfort and pain as well as emotional and mental disturbances. These easy-to-perform yet powerful healing exercises can be used to support other meditation practices or practiced alone to clear obstacles caused by disease and negative emotions and to balance and harmonize one’s energy field.


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