Gyalshen Retreat Center Project རྒྱལ་གཤེན་བོན་གྱི་སྒྲུབ་སྡེའི་འཆར་འགོད།

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The start of any endeavor is the most important of moments. At the request of Chaphur Rinpoche, Gyalshen Institute is now beginning the journey toward establishing a teaching complex and practitioner community called Gyalshen Retreat Center.

Project Proposal:

  • Create a contemplative setting for training and practice in the Bön spiritual tradition in a peaceful secluded location with sustainable environmental impact. This will include spaces to support Gyalshen Institute programs for both short term teaching events and longer term group or individual retreats. 
  • Provide facilities for cultural preservation, including a library for the study and translation of sacred texts, fine arts studio, and related activities.
  • Establish a residential community of Bön practitioners that provides long term housing for annual or multi-year tenants, including a variety of cabins and group residences.

“Chaphur Rinpoche invites your participation in creating the Gyalshen Retreat Center for the benefit of all beings.”

We are now completing a planning guide to aid us as we go forward in this process. This includes determining space needs, seeing how functions can be combined for efficiency, and looking at possible paths for phased development over time. Extensive research has already been done to examine possible business and financial models, and marketing strategies to make the facility self-supporting. Much thought has been given to supported activities, permanent and temporary housing options, and related operating, legal, and fiscal requirements that may be involved in creating the retreat center.

The most challenging primary task is to locate and acquire land. Options include buying undeveloped land for the building of a completely new facility; finding an existing commercial property that can be adapted; or buying a property with existing structure(s) for phased expansion. Land might be donated, or financed through the guarantee of a Sangha member or interested third party.  Beyond cash donations, a variety of financial investment tools can be used depending on the circumstances. This might include individual loans from Sangha members to a non-profit corporation to construct housing units that can be rented to repay the loans. There are many considerations and much work to be done before we can make the Gyalshen Retreat Center a reality.

However, Gyalshen Retreat Center can only become a reality through the generosity of those who choose to help. This project will need the most assistance now – at the beginning. Chaphur Rinpoche invites your participation in creating the Gyalshen Retreat Center for the benefit of all beings.