Support Nangzhig Monastery in Tibet སྣང་ཞིག་དགོན་བཤད་སྒྲུབ་སློབ་གླིང་།

Dear Friends,

We, Chaphur Rinpoche and the Gyalshen Board of Directors, are writing to let you know the current situation at Nangzhig Monastery in Tibet.  The good news is that there are now over 350 monks who are full time Bon students at the dialectic school there and the number continues to increase.  Presently, it is the only full time Bon dialectic school within Tibet.  There the precious Bon teachings, rituals and practices are being preserved, nurtured and shared for the benefit of all.

The challenging news is that due to worsening economic conditions and the growing number of monks, the local Tibetan people, who have been the main supporters of the monks for many years, can no longer provide them with adequate basic food and clothing. It has become necessary to ask for help from Bon supporters in countries around the world.  Chaphur Rinpoche has made a commitment to raise this issue with as many Bon students and supporters as possible in order to provide food for the monastery for the next three years.

The future of the Dialectic School at Nanzhig Monastery truly depends on our assistance and generosity. To pledge your support, please visit Know that your contributions will be effectively used to provide help for the monks who are currently in need of assistance.  In return they would like to offer prayers and practice dedications for you and for your  special requests. It is also possible to support a particular monk and to correspond with that monk as well. Even if it seems like just a little, please give what you can. Together we will reach our goal of feeding all the monks in the dialectic school for 3 years.

Contributions by check may be mailed to:

Gyalshen Institute

P.O Box 1608,

El Cerrito, CA 94530

If you have friends who might want to assist the monks at Nangzhig Monastery, please share this information with them. Any amount is appreciated and helpful. Thank you for your kindness.

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With gratitude for your thoughtful consideration and continued heartful support,

Chaphur Rinpoche
& Board of Directors
Gyalshen Institute