Gyalshen Institute is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and revival of Zhang Zhung and Tibetan culture and traditions.  We are blessed to have Chaphur Rinpoche as our founder and spiritual director. Please join us at a teaching, meditation practice, or take a class to learn Tibetan and the language of the ancient kingdom of Zhang Zhung.

Upcoming Events

  • October 14-15: Heart Essence of Dakinis
    Heart Essence of Dakinis With Chaphur Rinpoche October 14-15, 2023 10am to 12pm Pacific In Person and on Zoom The Bonpo teachings are deep like the ocean, particularly Dzogchen teachings. Many students of Bon are familiar with Dzogchen teachings from male lineage holders and may not be aware of the many female Dzogchen practitioners who have achieved enlightenment. These female enlightened beings [more details]
  • September  29th: Soul Retrieval Teaching within the Five Elements Practice-Full Moon Practice 
       Soul Retrieval Teaching within the Five Elements Practice-Full Moon Practice  By Khenpo Nyima Dondrup Rinpoche and  Chaphur Rinpoche September  29th 2023 9am-11am In person and on Zoom One of the most powerful healing practices in the Bön tradition is the Tibetan Soul Retrieval Ritual combined with an internal rebalancing of the 5 Elements in each participant.  In Tibetan medicine, each [more details]
  • Tibetan Learning Classes – Fall Semester 2023
    Basic Tibetan Learning Class – Fall Semester 2023 With Yungdrung Norbu Tuesday, Sept 12 to Nov 28th Pacific Time 7am-8am The Basic Tibetan Learning class for this semester consists of lectures over a three-month period. Each lecture is one hour long. Students will learn basic Tibetan. This class will provide an opportunity to learn reading of a Tibetan text, grammar, building vocabulary and [more details]
  • Weekly Dzogchen Teaching and Practice: Mondays from 7 am to 7:45am  (Pacific Time) 
    Weekly Dzogchen Teaching and Practice  With Chaphur Rinpoche  Mondays from 7 am to 7:45am  (Pacific Time)  Chaphur Rinpoche offers a weekly online Dzogchen Teaching and Practice  covering the Chaktrid by Dru Gyalwa Yungdrung.  Dru Gyalwa’s practice manual (Chaktrid) is quite extensive and contains instruction on the Dzogchen preliminaries (Ngondro),  and actual practices ( Ngozhi) about the [more details]
  • September 30-October 1st: Sleep and Dream Naljor or Yoga and Dakini Tsok Offering
    Sleep and Dream Naljor or Yoga   Special Guest Khenpo Nyima Dhondup Rinpoche, the Abbot of the Bön Dialectic School at Menri Monastery, will teach Sleep and Dream Naljor or Yoga, from the precious  Ma Gyud (Mother Tantra) tradition. To conclude,  Khenpo Nyima Rinpoche and Chaphur Rinpoche will lead us in a Dakini Tsok Offering as an auspicious expression of our gratitude.  September [more details]

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Past Events

  • August 30th: Nagas and Naga Mantra
    Full Moon Practice: Smoke Offering to  the Nagas and Naga Mantra August 30th at 9 am – 10 am  PT and 6 pm  – 7 pm CET   On  August 30th, 2023, at 9 am – 10 am PT and 6 pm – 7 pm CET,  Chaphur Rinpoche will give our monthly  Full Moon teaching on the Naga Mantra as well as an introduction to the Smoke Offering to the Nagas (Lu Sang).       A Smoke Offering to the Nagas […]
  • September 23-24th: Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo, Part IV: Bardo
    Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo, Part IV: Bardo With Chaphur Rinpoche Sept. 23-24th, 9AM – 12:00PM Pacific. In Person and On Zoom This weekend will focus on discovering aspects of the Bardo from Shardza’s Heart Drops of KuntuZangpo. Our lives are filled with beginnings and endings – as each moment passes, a new one appears to take its place.  Nothing stands still.  What happens during the process of […]
  • June 4th: Full Moon Tummo Teaching
    Tummo Retreat With Chaphur Rinpoche June 4th  9AM – 10AM Pacific Time (PT) On Zoom Tummo is a breathing practice central to tantra practice and very helpful for Dzogchen practitioners to achieve enlightenment in this lifetime, according to Shardza Rinpoche, an accomplished Dzogchen master of the 20th century. The root text of Tummo was written and taught by Sangchok Tharthuk Gyalpo and comes from […]
  • April 5th: 5 Elements Practice on the Full Moon
    5 Elements Practice on the Full Moon With Chaphur Rinpoche Wednesday, April 5th 9am-10am PT through ZOOM Chaphur Rinpoche will teach the Five Elements Practice by explaining the purpose and qualities of each element and then guiding participants in performing  each  practice. The Five Elements are an integral part of Tibetan cosmology and essential to understanding the relatedness and […]
  • March 25-26: Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo (Dharmakaya) Part I: Rushan
    Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo (Dharmakaya) Retreats  With Chaphur Rinpoche  Part I: Rushan March 25-26, 2023,   8AM – 11:30AM PT,  5pm – 8:30PM  CET.  On Zoom     Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo is a text  written by Shardza Rinpoche, one of the great Dzogchen masters of Yungdrung Bön.  It is a powerful, direct method of Dzogchen.  It encompasses 4 sections; Rushan, Trekchod, Thogal and the Bardo.   […]