Gyalshen Institute is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and revival of Zhang Zhung and Tibetan culture and traditions.  We are blessed to have Chaphur Rinpoche as our founder and spiritual director. Please join us at a teaching, meditation practice, or take a class to learn Tibetan and the language of the ancient kingdom of Zhang Zhung.

Upcoming Events

  • August 12th: Purifying the Beings of the Six Realms 
    Purifying the Beings of the Six Realms  With Chaphur Rinpoche             August 12th, 2022- Full Moon –9am to 10:30 am (PT) and 6pm-7:30pm (CET) on Zoom Yungdrung Bön holds the view that all the beings of cyclic existence can be categorized into six types: gods, demi-gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts, and hell beings. In this seminar, Chaphur Rinpoche will teach  systematic methods for [more details]
  • August 19-21: Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo, Part II, Trekchöd
    , Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo, Part II, Trekchöd With Chaphur Rinpoche  August 19, 20 and 21,  2022    8AM – 11:30AM PT,  5PM – 8:30PM  CET.  On Zoom   This weekend continues the teaching of Shardza Rinpoche’s Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo with his Trekchöd teachings.  The Heart Drops of Kuntu Zangpo/Dharmakaya presents Dzogchen teachings very directly “for those of sharp faculties.” In this [more details]
  • July thru September: Beginners’ Tibetan Class 
    Gyalshen, Beginners’ Tibetan Class  With Lhasey Wangmo July thru September, 2022.  Beginning July 6th, every Monday and Wednesday, thru September 28th 7AM-8:15 A.M. (Pacific Time) and 4pm to 5:15pm Central European Time on ZOOM. Are you interested in learning the Tibetan language? Do you read the English transliteration of Tibetan buddhist prayers and wish you could understand what you are [more details]
  • Gyalshen Translation Team: Looking for volunteers
    Dear Friends, Sangha and Volunteers,  We at Gyalshen Institute  are very excited over new developments in our Tibetan Translation program. We are now seeking volunteers to become a part of our Gyalshen Translation Team. Chaphur Rinpoche is  leading this important venture and will be offering group orientation, instructions and supervision both initially and on an ongoing basis to all volunteer [more details]

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Past Events

  • July 13th: Consecration Ceremony on the Full Moon
    July 13th, 2022– Full Moon Ceremony–9-am to 11:00 am (PT) and 6pm-8pm (CET) on Zoom With Chaphur Rinpoche and Lama Samdup – Honoring the Bön Kangyur, Gyalshen now has a complete copy of the entire teachings of Tonpa Shenrab which comprise 179 volumes. –Consecration of  Gyalshen’s Tonpa Shenrab Statue, –Additional  blessings for  practitioners’ Bön statues at home. Please join us in celebrating […]
  • June 29-July 3rd: 5 Tsa-Lung for 5 Days
    The teaching from Ma-gyud or Mother Tantra  With Chaphur Rinpoche June 29th-July 3rd 8AM-9AM Pacific Time By Zoom   The Bön tradition of the Mother Tantra contains six classes, or paths, through which one can swiftly attain enlightenment. The first of these, called Thap Lam Cher, can  be roughly translated as taking the path to enlightenment. Perhaps it was given this name as it contains the […]
  • June, 11-12th Essential Teaching of the 24 Great Dzogchen Masters
    / Essential Teaching of the 24 Great Dzogchen Masters Chaphur Rinpoche June, 11-12, 2022, / Chaphur Rinpoche will present a short biography and the pith Dzogchen instruction of each of these 24 Great Masters. He will also lead the students in meditation practice in accordance with the teachings. Whether you are a long-time Dzogchen student or new to Dzogchen, this teaching with Rinpoche will help […]
  • May 15th: 5 Elements Practice on the Full Moon
    / 5 Elements Practice on the Full Moon With Chaphur Rinpoche Sunday, May 15th 9am-10am PT, 6pm – 7pm CET  through ZOOM Chaphur Rinpoche will teach the Five Elements Practice by explaining the purpose and qualities of each element and then guiding participants in performing  each  practice. The Five Elements are an integral part of Tibetan cosmology and essential to understanding the […]
  • February 25-27th: Dzogchen Six Thiglés (Spheres )
    Six Thiglés (Spheres) With Chaphur Rinpoche   February 25-27th, 2022 9am-10:30am (PST) on Zoom  6PM to 7:30PM Central European Time (CET)    Dzogchen, also known as the “great perfection,” is considered the path of self-liberation and the highest form of teaching in the Yungdrung Bòn tradition. Within this tradition, there are four main Dzogchen texts (Zhungchen Dezhi): The Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud, […]