Printing text

We have great hope and confidence that this projects – the establishment of the  Gyalshen Institute – can be of service to many people by introducing them to all kinds of Tibetan and Zhang-zhung traditions, as well as make more widely available to them in printed form studies in subjects such as spoken and written Tibetan language.In particular, except for those about which Geshe la  have already received explanations and listened to teachings, there are numerous Bönpo works on Sutra which is the path of renunciation, Tantra the path of transformation and Dzogchen called self-liberation. There are quite a few of them that have not yet been published abroad. Therefore, if this can be gradually improved, we can translate these into foreign languages and publish them on a large scale. Furthermore, this project could be also beneficial to many works already done by knowledgeable persons from various countries by introducing them more broadly to the public. In brief, I believe that such work could help a greater group of people to deepen their knowledge regarding the ancient traditions of Zhang-zhung and Tibet. Likewise, in accordance with the desire to supplement the studies and practice done by past and present sanghas (study groups) from India, Nepal and Tibet, many ancient works from Zhang-zhung and Tibet not yet published will be printed in western book form. This will not only fulfill the desires of students and scholars for more information, but also karmically help to eliminate many obstacles for practitioners both in this life and future ones.There are various groups who already work on texts from Zhang-zhung and Tibet living in different countries that could join this association. The generosity of donors would help this project to bear fruit and help spread much information and teachings that are currently unavailable for wide distribution. Following our common aspiration, all these efforts will serve to increase the information available due to the generosity of donors. At the end of each reprinted text, we will clearly acknowledge the names of the donors of who have supported that particular project.