Men-Lha ≈ Medicine Buddha


The Medicine Buddha is compassionate manifestation of Tönpa Shenrab, the great Enlightened One of Bön (see Bon history). This teaching benefits all who are ill or sick;it liberates them from suffering through Medicine Buddha. Through ceremony, meditation, and visualization, we are freed from obstacles in life and protected. By applying a method of healing and receiving the blessing of Tönpa Shenrab, the power and qualities of our energy are restored.


Sherab Chamma ≈ Loving Mother


Sherab Chamma (Loving Mother) is known as the Wisdom Loving Mother. She is the Mother of all Enlightened Ones or Buddhas. The Wisdom Loving Mother’s devotion to acts of love over many lifetimes transformed her into a goddess whose unconditional loving energy compassionately protects all beings. She embodies the divine feminine energy of boundless love and is the source of all compassion. By Her blessings and energy she eliminates all karmic obstacles, thus healing, blessing and guiding us wherever we are.

Through recitation of her secret mantra, invocations, and prayers, she expands our awareness and clears up negative karma, bringing peace and harmony. These practices provide healing energy which is of special benefit for resolving imbalances in both physical and mental health. The invocation of her energy manifests in eight different peaceful ways to help overcome eight different fears and challenges such as struggles with enemies, negative forces, illness, sadness, fear of the unknown, and death. Meditating upon her transforms our fears into self-arising wisdom so that we are able to creatively embrace the many challenges of life. 


Khyung Mar ≈ Red Garuda


Red (Mar) Garuda (Khyung) is the wrathful manifestation of pure awareness and represents the fiery power of energy. The tantric practice of Red Garuda protects against outer, inner, and secret obstacles. These practices transform the five poisons and liberates sentient beings from suffering. Red Garuda is a healing practice that is highly effective at achieving physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. 

Yeshe Walmo

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 10.51.59 PMཡེ་ཤེས་དབལ་མོ།

Yeshe Walmo is known as the wisdom goddess and protector deity of the Bön lineage. She is the most wrathful manifestation of Sherab Chamma, the wisdom loving mother, and is a healing deity and protector. Engaging her practices allow us to cut the knots of illusion and roots out the poisons of anger, greed or grasping, and ignorance. Yeshe Walmo is called upon for assistance in removing all types of obstacles including health problems, business problems, relationship problems etc.



The Five Elements practices from the Bön lineage of Tibetan Buddhism are spiritual practices that help to remove physical, mental, and energetic blocks. The Five Elements (space/ether, earth, water, fire, and air) are the essential elements or building blocks for all phenomena, not only in the physical universe but also in our physical and energetic bodies. Each element needs, supports, and affects the other elements together providing a cohesive whole within an individual being. When the Five Elements are out of balance, then illness, negative emotions and disharmony manifest. These practices invoke, balance, and harmonize each of the five elements through the use of sacred seed syllables, mudras (hand movements), mantras (sacred chants), physical postures, breath work and visualizations. These rich and ancient practices can help to remove physical, mental and energetic blocks and restore balance and integrity in one’s life.

Invoking space clears a cluttered mind and creates spaciousness and recognition of the pure space of being; invoking air transforms pride to peacefulness and helps to support increased flexibility and improved communication; invoking fire transforms greed and desire to generosity and supports increased creativity; invoking water transforms jealousy to openness and supports a peaceful presence; and invoking earth transforms ignorance to wisdom and supports a grounding, abiding presence.