Rinpoche’s schedule

Chaphur Rinpoche’s 2018 Schedule

JANUARY 2-10  (Noibai, Laos)

JANUARY 27-28 (California, USA)

Five Element Khadros

Location: 1608 Bonita Road, San Pablo, CA 94806

Web: www.gyalshen.org Contact: info@gyalshen.org


Phowa Retreat

Contact: garudatorreon@hotmail.com Phone: (871) 182-6185

February 9-March 3 (Menri, India)

For the celebration of the Tibetan New Year, the Geshe graduation ceremony and a week long teaching retreat following that event etc.

March 15 April 15  (Menri, India)

Working for HE Menri Ponlob Rinpohce’s Dictionary.

JUNE  21-24 (Mannheim  Germany)

Email: info@meditations-haus.de

Tel.:+49 (0)6204 – 938 55 63

JUNE 16-17  (Warsaw, Poland)

Heart Drops fo Dakinis

Location: will announce


Email: kontakt@chaphur.org

JULY 4-8 (Barcelona, Spain)

Location: will announce

Contact: Gyalshen Bercelona 

JULY 24-29 (California, USA)

The 21 Nails (Summer Retreat 2018)

Location: 30 Waverly Rd. San Anselmo, CA 94960

Web: www.gyalshen.org 

Email: info@gyalshen.org

August 4-5 (Los Angeles, USA)

Topic: will announce


September 5-15  (Thailand, Laos)

December 1-31  (California)

Takla Mebar Retreat.

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